Guide to getting channel letter signs for your business

Want to make an impact on your customers but don’t want to put much effort into it? Although that sounds quite ridiculous, it is quite possible! Gone are the days when even small and medium-sized businesses used to spend on commercials and cold calls. These days, if you are trying to reach out or spread the word around, simply put up a catchy sign. A recent study revealed that about 76% of the people in the survey were willing to check out a store if they had an interesting sign.

Let’s face it, nothing can make your storefront stand out from the competition more than an amazing channel letter sign. Regardless of the store location, the time of the day, or even the weather, channel letter signs are a great way of catching the attention of the people around. It helps your business look more professional and trustworthy. In this post, we’d give you a brief idea about what channel signs are, and what are the different types that you can possibly use for your business. So, let’s get started!

What is a channel letter sign?

For those who are new to this or are hearing about it for the first time, this basically uses single channels or letters to serve as a sign. Generally, multiple channel letters are joined together to form a message or a word. These letters are three-dimensional, made of acrylic or metal, sometimes lit or unlit. They are known for being bold and unique.

Different types of channel letter signs

  • Front-lit channel letter sign: This is clearly the most-used channel sign and thus is also referred to as standard channel letters. These present great day and night visibility. The fact that the light sources are placed at the front of the letters, makes the letters readable even when the sun is shining bright outside. Moreover, these are highly customizable. In the front-lit design, the letters are carved from a durable aluminum composite panel a.k.a. ACP. These are then painted white or any color that suits your brand. The letters are then lit using either an LED module or neon tubes.
  • Halo-lit/ reverse-lit channel letters: The reverse-lit channels are also called halo-lit, chiefly because of the halo of light that forms around letters. In this, the back of the sign is crafted out of clear acrylic and stands about 1.5 inches from the mounting surface. Thus, when the light is switched on, it comes from the back and illuminates the mounting surface and the letters on top. The sign is quite unique and often used by major corporations and businesses.
  • Open face channel letters: This is much like the halo-lit channel letter signs, except that the entire signage is made up of clear acrylic. Thus, people who pass by can see the lighting elements inside. Previously, only neon lights were used inside open face channel letters, but these days, even LED lights are used for the same effect.
  • Combination front/ reverse-lit channel letters: As the name implies, this is a combination of the front-lit and the reverse-lit solution to create a unique effect. So, the front and the back of the letters are made from clear acrylic, while the sides are made from aluminum. As for the illumination, it comes from LED bulbs inside. This even allows you to have the front and reverse lights in different colors – thus making it one of the expensive options.

Key takeaway

While there are tons of companies out there that claim to offer the best signage solutions, very few actually pay attention to details and do precise work. This is why we always ask people to get the job done only from the professionals – companies that have experience in coming up with all types of channel signs and have great online reviews to prove the quality of their handiwork. Compare the prices and zero in on the best service ready to work within your budget.

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