How to start using CRO strategies to boost your e-commerce business?

What is CRO marketing?

For those who do not know, CRO stands for Conversion Rate Optimization and is the process of heightening the number of people on your site who take any desired action, such as subscribing to the mailing list, registering for a seminar, or filling out personal information to get better suggestions. During a recent study, about 59% of businesses claimed that CRO is crucial to their online business strategy and thus, most reliable digital marketing companies don’t think twice before making use of CRO tactics. So, if you too are looking to find a firm footing in the digital world, this is a challenge worth exploring.

Guide to getting started with CRO for e-commerce business

Here’s how to get started with CRO and how CRO eCommerce companies in San Francisco help.

  • Analyze your ecommerce website: The first step to incorporate CRO strategies to boost your ecommerce business is to carefully monitor the status of your website and going through the previous year’s data. This would allow you to find out the key problems with your website. The data that your site generates, heat maps, surveys, feedbacks, and your Google Analytics report, will provide exact data regarding bounce rates, conversion rates, exit rates, and more. With all this data, you’d be able to work on areas that need improvement, and ditch products and strategies that don’t work.
  • Implementing the right method: Once you’ve successfully analyzed the data and implemented the changes your site required, you’d have to test the changes and find out whether or not your customers are liking it more. But how does one do it? This is where the expertise of reputable and reliable CRO ecommerce companies in San Francisco comes in handy. They make use of A/B Testing and Multivariate Testing to find out if the customers are liking the changes brought in. Sometimes, you can even let the customers decide the layout they feel is good for them and monitor the conversion rates in real-time.
  • Optimize your online store: There isn’t a right or wrong way to optimize an ecommerce website for better conversions. While sometimes it’s more of a gut feeling, at other times it’s usually a set of calculated moves that bring about the desired result. Thus, talk to the best CRO ecommerce companies in San Francisco and choose the right CRO tactics that you plan on carefully implementing. You don’t need to opt for every CRO strategy in the book, just choose a few ones and roll with them. Find out what’s best for your business and do it well.
  • Don’t blindly follow the herd: Every ecommerce business is different and their needs aren’t the same either. There are two trains of thought about this. According to one, once your business marketing starts generating visitors, you should take the help of CRO strategies to convert those visitors into leads. However, the other belief is to implement CRO strategies in stages perhaps even on a quarterly basis. Blindly following the herd will waste your time and your precious traffic. Following a quarterly plan makes sense considering the fact that every business has seasonal plans and needs.

Summing up

Conversion Rate Optimization or CRO is thus a process that allows e-commerce businesses to attain robust growth or at least the business’ true potential on the digital front. By hiring the right CRO partner and implementing a few tried and tested CRO strategies, you can attain a greater level of customer satisfaction and success in your business. In fact, studies have shown that data-driven CRO strategies bring about instant results in the form of higher website footfall, the number of sessions, and the number of conversions. Proper implementation of CRO tactics can thus lead to better marketing and yield higher lead conversions. Just start thinking things through your customer’s perspective, and you’re good to go. Make note of all the potential obstacles they’re facing on your website and work towards eradicating them. That’s it!

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