Information to be printed on a painted edge business card

In this competitive market, you need to make your business stand out from others. Over time it has become important for businesses to make unique approaches toward the potential customers to make them inquisitive about your business. There are varieties of cards to choose from for your business. A painted edge business card is one of them which you can choose to give a quirky look.  

The information contains in the business cards 

Business/company logo 

The card comprises a symbol text image or the name of the company as a logo. Generally, it is suggested to print an image logo. As people often tend to forget the name of the company a visual representation is prone to be remembered for a longer time. 


Taglines are short sentences describing the goods or services that are creatively offered by the company.  

Contact details 

The main information to be provided on the business card is the contact details. It must include the name of the person holding the business card, mobile or landline number, website of the company, and email ID.  


Some business cards contain a brief description of the popular products and services that are offered by them. 

Popular business card 

Of all the varieties of cards available for different businesses. Painted edge business cards are one of the well-known cards in today’s competitive era. The world is too gray but adding colors makes you remarkable.  

Painted edge business cards should be designed meticulously and maintain an equilibrium between being too gaudy or extravagant and monotonous or wearisome.  

These cards are an eye-catching band of solid colors around the edges. The deliberate thickness of this card shows off the color on the side and makes it easier for you to spot it in a business card holder or stack.  

Colorful options 

A wide variety of 17 colors are available for these premium custom business cards. The different variations of solid and sparkling metallic colors, including orange, red, green, and many more. Colors give freshness to your cards but you should know how to make them attractive and not cause strain to the client’s eyes.  


These thick-colored edges business cards are most suitable for artistic professionals such as photographers and graphic designers. These cards reflect the creative background of the people using them.  

Some advantages of business cards 

1) Business cards are versatile 

Business cards can include a good deal of information despite their small size. Along with your name and contact information you can also add advertising material and your address. You don’t need to give lots of information just keep it short and crisp. So that the recipient has clarity about your brand. 

2) Convenient to carry 

As they are pocket-sized it is convenient to carry them along with you wherever you go. These small, compact and bite-size promotional tool hardly takes up any space but can help you pool capital on unexpected opportunities.    

3) leaves a lasting impression 

Having a business card says a lot about you and your business. Nothing reflects professionalism like a business card accompanying a handshake after a networking event or a client meeting.  

When you hand over your business card to a client, it shows that you are a reliable representative of your company. This leaves an enduring impression on the client. 

4) Affordable for all businesses 

Businesses of different sizes can go for business cards as these are pocket-friendly. Printing business cards won’t cost you much and if you get them in bulk, it will cost you even less. You can choose and design your card according to your needs and budget. 

5) Higher visibility 

In comparison to emails, business cards have more visibility. When you send an email about your brand to people, they come to know about it only when they open the mail. But in the case of cards, they have an instant reaction.  

The number of times the recipients will look at the card the more it will remind them about your business.  


There are many ways through which you could allure the customers and one of these is having an outstanding looking business card. We generally don’t pay much heed about what impression of our business card so choosing the suitable design of your card is important.  

A business card becomes the face of your business to clients. Your professionalism can be seen through your business card.

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