Top 5 Reasons To Choose Panel Blinds

5 Reasons To Choose Panel Blinds

You may have come across the panel blinds used in the construction of interior walls. If you are unaware of them, then here is a little about them. They are made up of strips or even pieces that usually measure at 2 or 4 inches (think LEGO blocks). It is up to you which one to use as both the units offer different benefits. These units are usually hollow inside but can be filled with numerous items like beads, crystals, and other decorative materials. The good thing about these units is that they can be easily reassembled after taking them apart for decorating purposes (they do not require any tools for this purpose).

1. Best For Your Commercial Spaces

You must be looking out for new ways to spruce up your home, office, or commercial space. Well, there is no better way than this of adding panel blinds a little class to any interior space. These units can be easily cut into varying sizes and shapes that you want them to be in. In fact, they are available in numerous patterns and designs which you can choose from as per your personal preference and taste. The light filtering feature ensures complete privacy for whoever wants it (like bathrooms or bedrooms), especially when the curtains remain drawn (closed).

2. The Sizes Benefit

Another benefit of these units is that they come in a variety of sizes and dimensions catering to all types of needs. Regardless of the size of the window, storefront, or door that you need blinds for; these panels blinds will do just fine! They are available in varying widths with the most common being 12, 24, and 30 inches. The length of these units varies as per your need but can be anywhere between 4 to 15 feet (the maximum customization is 5 feet).

3. Best For Office Spaces

When it comes to office spaces or commercial buildings; there is no better way than using panel blinds. They come with plenty of benefits for users like you who want them on either window/glass door or storefront. Here are some of the benefits enjoyed by owners. One of the most obvious ones includes blocking out harsh sunlight that could prove harmful for both interior spaces and people occupying them! This means that you can work more comfortably without any additional costs on air conditioning units or filters.

4. Give Elegant Appearance

Furthermore, the panels give a private and personal appearance to your place. This means that people will have no clue about what is going on inside even from outside. Other than this, they also provide an elegant appearance to commercial spaces making them look more premium and upscale. The most important benefit comes from the fact that these units are very easy to clean! You can wipe them with a damp cloth at times of need or use a wet mop for better results.

5. Best For Your Homes Too!

Just because you move out of home does not mean that you cannot enjoy the benefits of panel blinds anymore! These units come in various sizes and dimensions so as to fit perfectly on wide glass surfaces like those found on front doors, shower enclosures, and even windows. The light filtering nature ensures that your home is not exposed to the harsh rays of the sun around the clock! Furthermore, as these units provide complete privacy for those within their reach; they are perfect to be used in bathrooms too.

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