Things that Attract Lizards to Your House

Is your house severely infested with lizards? Are you worried that nothing seems to work in the house and they keep returning to your house? This is quite normal as lizards are a type of pest infestation that keeps coming back to the house to haunt its residents.

Lizards are one of the pests that may not seem like a lot of space in the house but they leave the house distraught. With their feces here and there, crawling all over the place. Even if they are necessary for maintaining the ecosystem, still having them in the house can cause a lot of issues. They are actually the carriers of a great many threats and you definitely don’t want them in your house for any reason. If you have lizards at home, then there may be something that might be attracting them to your house. Here are a few things that may invite these pests to your house, knowing about them will help you in taking care of these and maintaining a clean surrounding.

Things that Attract Lizards into the House

Insects and Pest Infestation

Lizards are programmed in a way to take care of the insects and pests present in nature. They consume pests thus, keeping their growth in check. If you are having more than one lizard in your house, then you must check for other pests as well. Mostly, they get attracted to a property in search of food and shelter. Having bugs such as flies and cockroaches can increase their presence automatically.

They eat pests or other insects and that strikes balance in nature. If you want to maintain a clean surrounding then you must keep pests out of the house. Hire a pest control service in Gurgaon to come and take care of the pest infestation inside the house so that, the lizard infestation stays out of it. After all, you can ask them to stay out while you have arranged a buffet inside the house for them.

Too Many Plants and Fruits

Most of us love our plants a lot. We may not have much space in our house, but whatever we have, we feel like filling it with greenery. Having them in the house comes with a lot of responsibility. But not maintaining them can cause you a lot of pest problems. Greenery gives them a sense of natural habitat. So, if you don’t maintain the plants regularly they can easily get attracted to it thus, giving them a misconception. It will be best if you can clean the place where you have plants regularly as that will stop them from staying amidst the greenery.

You will be surprised to know that certain types of lizards also consume plants. And this can be a problem for those who love their plants too much. Fruits and other eatables are also not very safe when you have lizards around in the house. In case, you doubt a lizard infestation is lurking in the house, ensure that all the fruits and vegetables are kept inside the fridge at all times. Leaving them out in the open will only make things worse for you. Keeping them under a net is also a good option.

Water and Damp Places

One must not find this unbelieving, but damp areas in the house often attract pests into the house. Having pests indirectly means bringing their terminator, that is lizards in too. The presence of water completes the circuit for providing shelter, food, and water, that keeps them alive. If you don’t want your house to be a breeding ground for lizards then it is necessary to take care of these things immediately.

Improper Handling of Garbage Cans

Garbage cans impress the pests and thus, leading the lizards to find their way home. Trash cans are important for keeping things in order. And not maintaining them well can bring pests to it. Ants, flies, spiders, maggots, etc. are some of the pests that will come to the house uninvited. Apart from that, you can expect lizards, rats, and rodents to come there too.

So, ensure that you discard the trash in a timely fashion. Not doing so can cause a lot of trouble. If you don’t want pests to come to your house, wash and clean the trash can at least once a week. You can use baking soda to clean the trash can or use the soda for the same purpose. They will get the deed done.

Some Dos and Don’ts to Take Care in a Lizard Infested House

Pest control services have a guide list for people to do and avoid a few things that will thwart lizard action in the house. Keeping these points in mind will help you in maintaining a lizard-free zone. Here are a few dos and don’ts that one must follow regularly to maintain a healthy surrounding inside the house.


  • It is necessary to maintain cleanliness in the house. Ensure that there is no accumulation of dust or dampness in the house so that, it is less appealing to the lizards.
  • Keep the doors and windows closed if you staying near dense vegetation.
  • Fill the crack and holes where these pests and lizards can hide.
  • Installing the metal screen to the windows can prevent the lizards from entering the house even if you keep the windows open.
  • Get the house treated regularly by pest control services which will help in controlling pests thus, limiting the activity of the pests at home.
  • Keep a pet cat or dog as lizards fear them a lot.


  • Limit the number of wall hangings and if you have them make sure you clean them once every week or fortnightly to not let the lizards stay there.
  • Don’t spill drinks or food inside the house. Clean them as soon as possible so that lizards don’t smell their way in.
  • It is bad to have stagnant water in the house. They can attract pests to the house. So, it will be best to keep them clear.

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