Tips on getting great custom coins made for military celebrations

Are you looking to show appreciation to your unit for its amazing brotherhood and achievement during a deployment? Are you looking to offer each one of the members of the unit custom military coins – something to remember the mission by? Believe it or not, but ever since 9/11, the US military personnel have often found themselves deployed in different parts of the world, and such challenge coins are a great way of showing them that you value their effort and sacrifice.

That said, here’s a brief post on how you can get the best custom military coins made.

  • Create a design and do it early: If you plan on gifting your unit members unique custom coins, act early. Design it in advance because it’s the most crucial part of making custom coins. Try including little details that make it unique. Sometimes, the manufacturers may get back to you for some corrections, thus delaying the process. If you opt for a coin manufacturer with an in-house design team, it helps, because they can make design changes quickly or offer a few different variations of the same for you to choose.
  • Use colors that stand out: You do not have to limit yourself with drab and mundane challenge coin designs if you do not want. This is the best thing about custom coins, as you can tweak almost every aspect of it. If you want it to grab people’s attention, ask your design team to use colors that pop. Colors are powerful tools when used correctly, and so use them accordingly to create a sense of nostalgia.
  • Add elements that have a deeper meaning: When you are getting custom military coins made, you do not have to stick to boring old custom coin designs meant for the military. Add a symbol or message that your unit members will love or relates only to them. It can either be a joke that your members shared or anything else. Custom coins don’t have to be serious or formal, but instead should stir positive emotions and bring a smile to their faces.
  • Attention to small details: The message and the insignia on the coin immediately grab people’s attention, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add smaller details into the design that only the members would know themselves. Such details can be easy to overlook, but this makes the coins all the more interesting. Make sure that the coin reveals its secrets only on closer inspection.
  • Don’t make it look busy: It’s true that challenge coins can hold many secrets or details, but sometimes, people overdo things. Sometimes, a lot can either be too much or just about enough. Adding small details is a good thing, but keep an eye on the number of symbols you add to it. Also, try keeping the text short. In fact, try to have the challenge coin as simple as possible, and avoid making it look chaotic.

Key takeaway

When it comes to making custom challenge coins, there’s much to be said and done. However, if you don’t have any ideas about the design bit, the company you’ve approached for the manufacturing process would be able to help you with it. They have expert designers, perfectly suited to bring your vision to life. Moreover, you can even check out some of their old designs on custom military coins to get a better understanding of the size and the look of it. We’d advise you to opt for a functional and practical design so that people can keep it with them at all times. That said, always go for a manufacturer that has experience in making military challenge coins and has positive online reviews and testimonials from clients who’ve worked with them in the past. This is a great way of finding the right manufacturer for the job. So, connect with a professional challenge coin manufacturer now!

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