When to Consider Cell Phone Repair over Replacement?

Smartphones are electronic devices with many features. You can utilize them for chatting with friends, calling people, playing games, taking pictures, etc. Current smartphones have more features than their previous cell phone models. You can buy iPhones or Android phones based on your preferences for a smartphone and budget. Nonetheless, even the most expensive cell phones are prone to damages, alongside software issues. If your cell phone runs into any damage, what you should do. Should you consider cell phone repair or purchase a new phone? DIY replacements work rarely; thus, you have two options to consider with a damaged cell phone: Repair or replacement?

Should You Repair or Replace Your Broken Smartphone?

Consider the following five as examples before making your decision:

1. Screen Damage: You may accidentally damage your cell phone screen, like many other cell phone users. You can avoid this from happening if you have a screen protector on your cell phone and a case. However, cell phone screen damages are common. Even people who follow precautions to protect their phone screens can encounter screen damage. If you own an iPhone covered with AppleCare+, you should benefit from it with a budget-friendly screen repair. If you cannot avail of this facility or own an Android phone, you may consider a replacement. 

However, repairing a cell phone screen is inexpensive than buying a new phone. Moreover, you will not like wasting time on buying and setting up a new phone. Instead, you will prefer an easy way out, that is, visiting a reputable cell phone repair shop for screen repair.

2. Water Damage: Another common issue with cell phones is that they stop responding after water damage. Experts recommend turning off the water-damaged device immediately and rubbing it with a piece of clothing. Then, dry the device for a day or two to make sure water evaporates from the device completely. However, this technique may work sometimes, and Apple repairs are not ideal for water-damaged iPhones. 

Additionally, availing of a third-party repair shop for water-damaged devices doesn’t always work. Even the most authentic third-party repair shops claim that they have an 80 percent chance to fix a water-damage cell phone. You can count on authentic repair shops for a water-damaged cell phone repair. However, water-damaged phone repairs are the worst to fix. You will have to consider replacing your smartphone if the phone repair technician fails to fix it.

3. Dead Battery: Another common issue with smartphones is their draining battery. The fast-draining batteries of cell phones are the reason behind their low performance. You may adjust your phone settings to tackle this problem. You can lower the brightness of your cell phone. Or, you remove unwanted applications from your phone to tackle this problem. However, if you fail to resolve this issue yourself, you should consider a third-party repair shop. A third-party repair shop can replace your cell phone battery quickly if its battery has an issue. Battery replacement typically solves the problem if your cell phone has poor performance. Nevertheless, you can consider cell phone replacement if the battery replacement option fails.

4. Charging Port Issue: A smartphone can have an issue with its charging port. It is also one of the problems that smartphone users encounter. Usually, if dust enters into a phone charging port, it doesn’t allow a smartphone to charge. You should remove the dust from a charging port and see if the phone charges. If it does not fix the issue, you may replace your charging cable. If both of the preceding options fail, you should visit a third-party repair shop to fix your port. Make sure you choose a reputable smartphone repair shop to repair your charging port. 

5. Priorities and Budget: You may have the budget to afford a new smartphone and repair. In such a situation, it is up to your preferences to consider repair or replacement. You may spend money on repair and buy a new smartphone to keep both smartphones. Or, you may give your old smartphone after repairing its damage to your relative or a friend. Moreover, if you have a limited budget, it is best to invest in phone repair rather than replacement.

You can infer from the above five examples whether to avail of smartphone repair or replacement.


A smartphone may encounter damages with time. DIY smartphone repairs are rarely effective. Hence, you have two choices with a damaged cell phone: Cell phone repair or replacement. Three damages are common with smartphones, including broken screens, water damage, and a dead battery. You can benefit from Apple repair with AppleCare+ if you own an iPhone with a warranty. You may fix some issues yourself if your smartphone has a draining battery, water damage, or charging port issue. If you fail to fix the problem with your phone we have discussed in this post, consider phone repair. Nonetheless, you may replace your smartphone if it’s your preference, or keep your old phone after repair, too.

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