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5 amazing things to do in Kennesaw

Though a small suburb of Atlanta, Georgia, Kennesaw is a wonderful place located in the North-Western part of Cobb County. The place is blessed with an abundance of both life and nature and is a great place to head to, particularly for those who love places with a rustic charm. From majestic mountains to calm waters, Kennesaw offers a captivating landscape. Be it the mesmerizing Kennesaw Mountains or the green scenic beauty of the botanical garden, there’s a lot that Kennesaw offers. So, here’s a small but informative list of things to do in Kennesaw – something we hope would come in handy for all looking to go there for a delightful visit.

Five best things to do in Kennesaw when on a holiday

  • A picnic at the Swift Cantrell Park: If you are in Kennesaw, chances are you probably went there for a quaint and relaxing personal time, as the place is literally quite close to nature. The Swift Cantrell Park is an open space that plays host to great outdoor activities, and also serves as a perfect place for relaxation and recreation for residents as well as visitors alike. The park is spread across 40 acres of land, features two age-appropriate playgrounds, three picnic pavilions, a splash pad, and a small skate park.
  • Stroll through the Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield site: A visit to Kennesaw would be incomplete without a stroll through the city’s historic Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield site. It is a lush park that covers almost 2,923 acres and preserves the civil war battlefield of the tragic Atlanta campaign. The green scenic landscape would definitely enthrall people looking for some respite away from the chaotic din of city life. It even features relics from the war such as old canons, thus offering a great picture-taking opportunity.
  • Go on an exciting hike up the Kennesaw Mountain: If you like little adventures, you’d sure appreciate the view of Atlanta’s beautiful skyline as you take a rejuvenating hike to the top of the Kennesaw Mountain. The place once witnessed the gruesome battle between the Confederates and the Union’s army. The scenic walking trail and the grassy meadows below make this a wonderful place and is definitely one of the top things to do in Kennesaw.
  • Visit the Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History: If you are a history buff who likes seeing old artifacts and technology from the era gone by, you’d sure appreciate the Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History. It’s an intriguing place that houses antique objects from the time of the civil war – a hive of various stunning artifacts. However, the museum’s main attraction is a locomotive named The General and its story from April 1862, which actually elevated the city and brought it to the limelight.
  • Taste the original Buffalo Wings: The original Buffalo Wings were doled out from the kitchen in Anchor Bar, Buffalo NY, back in 1964, and it has continued to be their star attraction across all their branches ever since. So, if you plan on visiting Kennesaw, don’t forget to check out this amazing place, known for the goodness of its special buffalo wings, served with a traditional secret sauce. It is a great location for delicious food and drinks and to spend a nice time with friends and family.

Key takeaways

If you are planning a trip to Kennesaw, you can definitely try doing all that’s mentioned. However, there’s more to the place! Apart from all that’s mentioned in our things to do in Kennesaw list, you can even go bowling, take a scenic walk through the mountain to the river trail, experience nature at Leone Hall Price Park spread across 243 acres, visit the Museum of History and Holocaust Education, or even check out the indoor trampoline venue known as Adventure Air Sports in the Town Plaza. There are literally tons of things to keep you occupied at Kennesaw.

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