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A Step by Step Guide to Clean a Glass Dab Rig

If you smoke cannabis with a glass dab rig, you will need to clean it time after time. If you don’t clean your smoking instrument regularly, you will not enjoy smoking your marijuana. Doing it is important to enjoy your cannabis flavor and smoke pleasantly. Smokers prefer glass smoking paraphernalia to know what they are doing while smoking cannabis. Nonetheless, dirt can stick to your glass oil rig. Hence, you need to regularly clean your glass smoking device to remove the dirt and smoke cannabis with the best flavor.

Steps to Clean Your Dabbing Device:-

Here are the steps to follow in cleaning your dabbing device:

Step 1: Make Sure You Have the Right Supplies with You

You will need to have your supplies with you, based on the dirtiness of your rig. You can choose a dishwashing liquid over alcohol if your dabbing device is not very dirty. You should pour liquid into your dabbing device and add hot water. Then, you will need to submerge the rig for a few hours. You should have 90% concentrated alcohol or more if your rig is very dirty. You should also have paper towels, coarse salt as a scrubbing agitator, cotton swabs, and gloves. Cleaning rigs or glass bongs is a dirty and stinky job. Moreover, wearing gloves will help you avoid the stinking issue and clean your device conveniently.

Step 2: Rinse Carefully

You may start rinsing your dabbing device in very hot water. Then, you should pour hot water into the openings and shake your smoking instrument. You can avoid the viscous substance effectively if you proceed this way to clean your device.

Step 3: Submerge Your Oil Rig in 90% Alcohol

Remove your bowl piece and other loose parts from the device. You should place them in a small container of alcohol afterward. Next, pour some alcohol on your instrument’s body and wait for a few hours to allow your dabbing device to soak.

Step 4: Add Your Coarse Salt 

After you soak your oil rig for a few hours, you will need to add your agitator. You should add up some Epsom salt or coarse salt to your rig with more alcohol. Next, cover the holes of your oil rig and shake with strength. Throw away your dump and rinse your dabbing device with hot water. You should keep repeatedly rinsing to clean everything, that is, possible for you.

Step 5: Begin by Cleaning the Outside

You should utilize an alcohol-soaked paper towel to clean the outside of your dab rig. It is important to ensure your dabbing device does not remain sticky from the outside while in use.

Step 6: Clean Your Bowl

It is vital for you to clean your bowl, too. You can dip a piece of a paper towel in 90% alcohol and twist it around the bowl. Rinse to clean your bowl with perfection. 

Step 7: Fine-Clean the Dabbing Device 

Some residue may stick to your smoking device’s inside, no matter how hard you clean it. You will not want that residue to stick inside the oil rig. You can utilize a cotton swab or a pipe cleaner and dip it into alcohol to reach that obstinate dirt. The black residue will likely come out this way from the inside of your device. You can also deploy a small bottle brush to clean the stems or mouthpieces of your glass smoking device. 

Step 8: Final Rinse

You should have another go with a rinse. Rinse your dabbing device with water to eradicate the residual alcohol from the device. Next, dry your device with the aid of a paper towel or kitchen towel. It will ensure that you have cleaned your rig perfectly to enjoy smoking your cannabis with the best experience.

Following these steps will aid you in cleaning your glass smoking instrument. You need to clean your rigs or bongs regularly to ensure you can enjoy smoking your desired marijuana. Moreover, you can enjoy the best cannabis flavor alongside the smoking phenomenon using a rig when it is clean.


You may use a glass dab rig or a bong to smoke marijuana. Additionally, you cannot enjoy smoking cannabis if your dab rig is dirty. Hence, it is important to clean your glass rig regularly for a relishing cannabis smoking experience. You will need to follow the following eight steps to clean your rig:

  1. Make sure you have your supplies with you.
  2. Rinse your device in very hot water and add hot water to your rig’s openings. Then shake your smoking device carefully.
  3. Submerge your rig into 90% alcohol.
  4. Add a coarse salt with more alcohol and shake the rig.
  5. Clean the outside of your dabbing device with an alcohol-soaked paper towel.
  6. Use alcohol to clean your bowl piece.
  7. Remove remaining residue with fine cleaning through a cotton swab. 
  8. Lastly, add water to your rig to remove the residual alcohol, and dry it with a paper towel.

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