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Burjuman mall is located in the historical area of Dubai with many things to see. This part of the city has shopping streets lined with shops that sell all sorts of goods from around the world as well as restaurants serving up a cuisine you’ve never tasted before! It is like a flashpoint for most food lovers. So let’s look at some of the best restaurants in Burjuman.


The main meal, Jollibee’s fried chicken, is a must-try for any Filipino food lover. The crispy and tender meat paired with their secret recipe that ensures all-natural ingredients makes this fast-casual restaurant an integral part of everyday life in Dubai!

The perfect Burjuman joint: affordable prices plus good quality make you want to visit again and again.


This makes the list of restaurants in Burjuman because of their amazing Panini’s. They have a wide range from pepperoni to Quattro and add on for those who enjoy more meat on their sandwich. So grab a friend and head out for this delicious treat!

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The Yellow Chilli is a chain of casual dining, Indian restaurants by the celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor. The team at this Indian Cookery offers a tasty selection of North-West cuisine and unique picks from regions all over India. The menu has many signature dishes from chef Sanjeev Kapoor, like Tandoori Basil Prawns, Raan Buzkazi Chandi Kaliyan or Shaam Savera Lalla Mussa Dal—I’m sure you’ll find something for everyone on there!


This restaurant in Burjuman is a must-visit for seafood lovers! The must-try items on their menu include the Sampler Platter, dynamite shrimps and the soft-shell crab tacos. Try something new like cra-bonanza (a delicious mix). You can’t go wrong when it comes down to choosing from such delicious options here at Mr Crab.

The only bad thing I could say about this place? It would be not easy to decide which dish looks more delicious than the other.


An Ontario staple, Tim Hortons has long been known for their delicious doughnuts and coffee. But they also offer some healthier breakfast options like the Halloumi Mint (a grilled cheese sandwich made with bacon) or a Breakfast Bagel Sandwich that comes topped off with avocado slices! For those avoiding grains due to allergies or dieting purposes, there are always fresh bakery goods.


Fill is the perfect spot for catching up with friends over a steaming hot cup of tea. Whether you like it herbal or with milk, there’s something here for everyone! Pair your drink and meal selection nicely by choosing between Fillis’ wide varieties of teas – they even have vegan options or pick a burger or quesadilla. They also offer an all-day egg breakfast option.


Noodle House is a restaurant where you can find anything from noodles and rice to delicious Thai cuisine. The chefs prepare these dishes with care, using fresh ingredients for each dish they make, ensuring that your meal will be truly memorable! Whenever you visit this place, order their Laska or Thai chicken plate. You would enjoy this meal.


The food here is fantastic, and if you enjoy Chinese cuisine, this place will provide a true treat for your taste buds. They have all yummy dishes like kung pao chicken with beef noodles soup and vegetable egg fried rice on the menu. The prices are also affordable; making it even better that one can stop by anytime without worrying about running out of money.

Next time you go on a shopping trip or plan a meal out with family or friends, try one of these restaurants in Burjuman.

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