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Why Use Treated Pine? Is Treated Pine Timber Suitable for Outdoor Use?

Pine is a popular and widely used type of timber across the world. There are different varieties of pine, including Pinus Elliottii, Pinus Radiate, and Pinus Caribaea. Pine trees are popular and mainly grow in Australia and New Zealand. However, you can pretty much find it in any other part of the world. Pine tends to grow pretty fast, and it is very versatile.

For this reason, it is the most sustainable and common building material. However, pine is a softwood. Timber providers make it robust and durable by cutting, drying, and then treating it with preservatives. This article will find out more about treated pine and if they are suitable for use outdoors.

Using Treated Pine

Treated pine is readily available, robust, durable, and affordable. For this reason, treated pines has become the ideal timber to use in most constructions and decking projects. Treated pines gives a warm colour, which varies depending on the type of treatment it receives. In addition, you can comfortably walk on pinewood without having to worry about splinters; this is because it is a very soft wood and the most ideal for floors and decks. Furthermore, another reason to use treated pines is that you can paint it with any other colour of your choice. This flexibility with painting is possible because it has a light base, making it more seamless than most timbers.

Before you decide to use treated pines, it is essential to note its moisture content that makes this timber less vulnerable to attacks or prone to unwanted elements. It is also crucial to ensure that the treated pines you are using has undergone the proper seasoning to remove excessive moisture. The presence of water, however small, may prevent the treatment chemicals from seeping into the timber.

In addition, there are different types of treated pine, including:

  • Solvent-borne treated pines
  • Water-borne treated pines and many others

These different types of pine serve a unique purpose. Hence, when deciding on the kind of timber you require, assess its quality based on your needs and uses—for instance, considering questions like “where do you need to use the wood, and what do you need to use the timber for?” will help in making an informed decision. 

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Treated Pine Timber for Outdoor Use

Treated pine is the type of timber that has undergone a chemical application, making it suitable for external applications. Some exterior applications include pergolas, gazebos, playground equipment, fences, decks, and retaining walls. Therefore, treated pine is very suitable for external use because treated pine undergoes necessary adjustments to withstand the harsh environmental conditions and repel the burrowing insects.

Treated pine timber can also work perfectly on stud wall partitioning and any other construction at hand. The pressure treatment help protect the wood from fungal infestation and any other insect attacks. 

Treated Pine Last a Long Time

With ordinary maintenance and good care, treated pine will last from 15 to 20 years before it finally becomes weak or useless with termite infestation and other factors. These factors include accumulated stress of rain, repeated thermal expansion, direct sunlight, and sometimes salty water, which primarily depend on your location.

Benefits of Treating Timber

There are tons of reasons why treating timber is crucial. For starters, this enhances the life span of the wood. In addition, it becomes protected from environmental forces like decay and rot and insects that easily barrow through the wood. It is a common occurrence with timber installed into the ground for landscaping projects.

Once pine timber receives correct treatment, it becomes the best option for building constructions and other engineering applications. Therefore, treated pine timber can be used widely, and we will get into some of the uses later.

If you need some timber work done and are on the lookout for excellent timber, then treated pine timber is the best choice you can ever make. First, you need to ensure that the type of treatment is the best one that can withstand harsh environmental conditions and insect infestations. Apart from longevity, treated pine timber also offers versatility, a good appearance, and is environmentally friendly and easy on the pocket. 

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