Types of Plastic Cards, their Uses and Benefits

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Plastic cards are valued token that gives you some sort of utility or merit. In today’s fast changing world, plastic cards & Teslin card printing add a lot of advantage to our daily lives. Often it is misconstrued that plastic card refers to plastic money i.e. debit and credit cards only. Well, it is not true. Plastic card has a varied range of items that comes under it. They make our day-to-day activities a lot easier by simplifying different means of exchanges. Plastic cards serves various purposes.

Plastic cards are usually made of PVC and has teslin card printing information on them. Usage of plastic cards is a smart choice and progressive number of people are turning to plastic cards every day. The utilization of plastic cards can be in different aspects. Let’s discuss some of the most common plastic cards in use:

Types of Plastic Card

  • Gift cards: People these days prefer convenient ways of giving and receiving gifts. Gift cards are also used by businesses to fetch loyal customers for them. Gifting gift cards and vouchers are a good way to bond with a regular set of customers. It does not involve any physical efforts and is time saving. With the purpose being decided, you can easily gift a teslin card, printing the value or item to be gifted on the card.
  • Fundraising cards: These are a good way to raise funds for different issues or purpose. It is commonly used by schools and colleges to raise funds for miscellaneous events. Usually, they get the issue printed on cards and circulated around for people to notice and contribute.
  • Key access cards: Key access cards are mostly used for commercial and corporate set ups. For example, hotels provide key access cards to their customers for availing access to the hotel rooms. Similarly, key access is a mandatory card at many corporate offices which ensures that the workspace is accessible only to the employees. This card helps in maintaining security of a place.
In Addition,
  • Discount cards: These cards are another most widely used plastic card in recent times. Businesses often use these as a marketing strategy to boost sales. We often come across shops or sellers offering discount cards on purchase of a certain amount of goods. They give teslin cards, printing the discount amount and the redeemable period on it.
  • Plastic ID badges: Another common and widely used plastic card is ID badges. They are in use everywhere starting from pre-nursery school goers to college students and further to working individuals. An ID is one of the most basic and authentic part in our daily lives.
  • Plastic menus: Menus at restaurants are also a kind of plastic card. It has all the contents being offered or on sale by the seller. They are comparatively larger in size, giving detailed account of foods and their prices at the restaurant.
  • Hangers and permit tags: These are very useful kind of plastic cards. Often used for parking or while visiting a new campus. Permit cards are easy to handle than a piece of paper as it has less chances of getting misplaced by individuals. Similarly, hangers are useful tags too. They help in notifying people to avoid entering a restricted room or space. 

Benefits of Plastic Card

These plastic cards offers ample benefits which makes our day-to-day activities a lot easier. Let’ take a look at some of them:

  • For businesses, gift cards are a great way to create brand awareness, form cordial relationship with their fellow customers. Likewise, For personal means, gift card is an excellent choice as a present. It is time saving and convenient.
  • Having key access card for a common space is advantageous. It ensures that the space is not accessed by any unauthorised individual. It also facilitates multiple access to a single person without having to put extra efforts.
  • Fundraising cards are beneficial in many ways. In case of charitable fund raising, one can get the cards circulated to places it cannot reach physically. This way, a lot more funds can be raised. 

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