What is Ugcs?

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Ugcs is a user-friendly software to effectively plan and fly drone survey missions. Besides supporting almost any UAV platforms, Ugcs provides accessible tools for linear and aerial surveys, which enables direct control of drones. Using photogrammetry technique, professional land survey mission planning is also offered by Ugcs at prices lower than the competitive market.

Key benefits of Ugcs at affordable prices:-

  •  Saves Time and Money: Ugcs at prices lower than the competitive market is compatible with almost all kinds of drones. Therefore, there is no need of learning varied software. The client provided KML data with the import and route creation can save 50% of your time. Thus, you can save a lot of time and money as well.
  • Increases Scrutinizing Effectiveness: With the in-built automated photogrammetry planning tool, you can improve the data capture effectiveness by approximately 2 times. Moreover, if you are in a remote area with no internet connection, you can plan and fly your missions, with the inbuilt map caching capability, Ugcs software offers at minimal rates. After a battery change, restarting flights from a certain landmark for long routes become very user friendly with Ugcs at prices quite lower than the competitive market.
  • Increased Protection of your Flight: For missions with landscape following, precision and protection becomes the topmost priority. By using pre-installed or more accurate DEM data, provided by Ugcs software will definitely benefit you.  Flying according to regulatory requirements, becomes considerably easy by synchronizing the permitted flight range and NO Fly Zones with the help of Ugcs at prices affordable for a company.

Key Features of Ugcs:-

Developing Routes from KML: –

To set accurate survey location, KML files with borders of the survey area can be imported into Ugcs.  Thus, map customization becomes very easy with this Ugcs software.

Planning of surveys with terrain following:

In Terrain following mode, Ugcs offers mission planning. Which facilitates a very low flying vehicle to maintain a relatively constant altitude above sea level. The default SRTM database’s accuracy of Ugcs may vary. Data has to be imported for the survey area, so that accurate and safe flight altitude can be ensured.

Mesmerizing  3D Mission Panning Atmosphere:

Google Earth like 3D interface for UAV mission planning , for navigating the place more easily is offered by Ugcs mission planner .You are actually in greater control when you are able to view the created flight plan from varied angles while taking into consideration any hindrances such as terrain or buildings. Such great benefit is provided by Ugcs at prices affordable to the company.

Aerial Survey Planning Tools:

To make aerial surveys and mapping more easy and flawless, Ugcs offers specialized tools. The area scan and photogrammetry tool automatically calculates the flight path rooted on the basis of camera settings. 

Elevation Profile:

The AGL and AMSL altitude of the drone is forecasted by the elevation profile of the drone. As soon as Ugcs completes the flight path calculation. To plan drone missions pertaining to the surrounding. The accurate altitude at all points above the ground point is very crucial. Ugcs at prices lower than the competitive market serves this aspect too.

Automatic Flight mode and Direct Drone Control:

Multiple Flight modes can be established by Ugcs. Using a remote control to control the drone can sometimes become a hectic job. By creating a flight plan and uploading it to the autopilot, the automatic flight mode can be used. This feature together with Click & Go as well as joystick control flight modes. It makes Ugcs at prices lower than the competitive market the No 1 choice for companies.

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