List For Various Methods For Covid Testing

The covid-19 crisis has activated again with its new variant known as Omicron. People now are again suffering from different symptoms like fever, chills, cold, body ache, and difficulty in breathing. The US government has notified the hospitals and medical organizations to increase Covid testing. It can help identify the positive cases to treat people and to prevent more spread. However, testing is important for the coronavirus as it enables people to take necessary cure action. There are different types of tests that have their own uniqueness and usability. So, this post will spotlight different ways that you can choose for testing. Testing is performed in professional medical clinics, so you can visit one if you feel the symptoms. You can immediately consult with medical experts to get tested for covid to begin with the treatment and to go under quarantine.

Types of covid screening

There are mainly three types of coronavirus testing.

  • PCR or polymerase chain reaction
  • LFT or lateral flow test
  • Antibody test

So, let’s begin with some detailed information about these testing systems below.

Polymerase chain reaction or PCR

This test is a molecular technology that magnifies the covid-19 RNA, which is a genetic essence of the coronavirus. This test is mainly done inside the clinic, where the medical professional will collect samples from your respiratory system. It can be executed on any bodily fluid, and the nasal area is targeted where the sinuses meet the throat. You can say that this is the area where the virus resides mainly in the body. The medical expert will enter a cotton swab into your throat and spin the swab for 10 seconds. However, it is not painful, but you might feel distressed during the process. PCR test can also collect samples from your nose to find the virus, so it is referred to as the gold standard of testing.

It is a highly recommended test if you have suspected covid symptoms. You can undergo this test to detect if you have a virus and can get precise results. After collecting the sample from your respiratory system, it will be sent to the lab. The experts will use a machine known as a thermal cycle to magnify the samples.


This is the most accurate test that is highly recommended by the experts. You can get exact results if covid is positive or negative.


The process is long, so you may have to wait for 2-3 days to get the test report.

Lateral flow test or LFT

This is also known as rapid covid testing or antigen test. This examination is done without sending the samples to the testing laboratory. You can go for this test when you are feeling symptoms of the coronavirus to get an instant report. The procedure for this test is as similar as the PCR test. But, it does not include sending the samples to the lab for amplification of samples to detect the virus. The samples are mainly collected from the nose and are checked on the test card.

This test is referred to as a rapid test for a reason because it is fast and can give you results in just 10 to 15 minutes. The results are similar to the pregnancy tests that are checked on a card. The sample collected will be placed on the card, and if one line appears, this means the report is negative. But, if two parallel lines appear on the card, this means the report is positive.


This test is perfectly suitable to test a large group of people, especially during the severe need for testing. The test aims to detect positive covid cases to take necessary action for cure and isolation.


This test may have negative results even when you are infected with the virus. However, a negative test report can be sent to the lab to verify if the negative test report is accurate. But, if the report is positive, you have the virus because it is a very specific test.

Antibody test

This test mainly determines whether your body has produced antibodies by the immune system to fight the virus. It could tell if you had the virus infection in the past to make you alert for taking precautions. This test is mainly conducted with a blood sample and is tested in the lab to detect the antibodies in the blood. You can get a same-day report for this test

The Bottom Line

These are the types of covid testing that can provide useful results. You can visit a nearby clinic if the symptoms are active, like sore throat, fatigue, fever, chills, and difficulty in breathing. Precaution is the best remedy for the coronavirus, so testing is vital to prevent yourself and others from this deadly virus.

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